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I have had Dogs since a very young age as my family always had dogs.

My Grandfather bred Australian Cattle Dogs and he was the first person to Export them to America

His Prefix was Glencherry and that is where I got my Prefix from.

 I also showed them and that is where my interest in the Show World began.

I married and I had 3 Irish Setters but due to a marriage breakdown we divorced and my ex husband would not let me have the Irish Setters.

I moved back to the Family Property into my own house I then had an American Cocker Spaniel named Skippy and she became my constant companion unfortunately she was bitten by a snake and passed away I wanted another one just like her, but as we all know, we can never replace our dogs that have passed on but we can love another one. A friend found me an American Cocker Spaniel she found on Dogzonline up in Queensland from a Lady called Vicki Morgan I would like to say thank you to Vicki for my very special girl Meia aka Witchware Luv Arainynite.

Then along came Mikey whom I purchased from Tasmania aka Eliza Original Sin he was 18 months when he came to live with me.

All my dogs sleep on the bed and are inside dogs they are my children and are kept as a family unit. More on my other dogs on their pages.

I was only showing one dog so I thought I would get another Irish Setter, I had fallen in love with some Irish I met in Bathurst at the show unfortunately she did not have any puppies at the time and was unsure when she would be next, so I got a female from Victoria, I titled her and then I wanted to breed with her, she is American lines, I still loved the dogs I had met all those years ago they are English Lines so I was wanting a strong boned dog to go over her. Anneliese had bred a gorgeous boy called Sir Dublin I took Misty down when she came into season and we have a beautiful litter of Irish Setters. More about Misty and Sir Dublin on my Profile pages. I hope you enjoy perusing through my website and please sign my Guestbook when you have finished and let me know what you think.

Welcome to my web page.

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